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Another very good unit. Your team did a great job and I look forward to the second one I ordered. By the way, I don't order from anyone but Coolpiece. I've managed to maintain these units carefully so that they last several months. All the best. ~ PB

I broke the unit out of the bag last night and have to comment on the beautiful work done. The ... left ... right ... in perfect symmetry. Great work by the factory/coolpiece. ~ SH

I must say that the service I have received from you/coolpiece has been second to none! Out of all the suppliers I have tried over the years you have been by far the best, so again thankyou for the great service you supply & please don't stop. ~ MH

Just got the piece cut in. Looks terrific. My stylist asked me for your name. He wants to be your representative in ......... or some such thing. ~ BB

I thought I would try another site for the heck of it and it was a mistake. You guys are dependable I get what I order, I'm sticking with you. ~ MT

I received my new hair. If I had a million dollars, I would buy 1,818 more of them, exactly the same. ~ LM

Thank you. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. Customer service and consistency is a strength for your firm. I confirm this after many years ordering from you. ~ JE

last order was 110% to order. I loved it. Thanks to you and your crew for the excellent job. ~ JM

I have been looking for an alternative to (name hidden). I did like the quality of the hair and the way the piece felt on my head. It was much better than (name hidden). ~ JC

Your ethics along with your steadfast business practices really make CoolPiece the coolest place to do business. I have witnessed, through the forum posts of others, the disappointments many have gone through dealing with other vendors. I am glad I have stuck with CoolPiece, and will continue to do so as long as I wear! ~ BD

CoolPiece Custom-Made Hairpieces and Wigs. Made to your specifications. 

From $250 USD

CoolPiece Ready-Made Stock Hairpieces. Ready to ship. Many different types. 

From $180 USD

Whether it is your first time wearing or you have previously bought online or at a salon, we welcome you to a better experience, better hair, better materials and better service and support.