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I received my system last week and it was exactly what i had hoped for. The pompadour ventilation in the front was excellent - thanks for all your help. ~ DS

....just wanted to confirm/ I love the new system. ~ HJ

I have to say that the quality of your pieces is much better than I have had before. ~ JC

For more customer feedback, see the feedback article under the blog menu above. ~ Admin

Thanks Jeffrey. You have always done business with integrity - that is why I have stuck with you all these years :-) ~ HG

I am back. I have been unable to find anything that matches what I can get from you quality and price wise. It seems that you have the best hair, the best prices ~ MD

I have been looking for an alternative to (name hidden). I did like the quality of the hair and the way the piece felt on my head. It was much better than (name hidden). ~ JC

After over a decade buying hair from you, I can affirm, with a high degree of certitude and confidence, that CoolPiece has the best customer service in the hair industry. Never failed to solve any of my hair problems. ~ JM

I paid about $20 more to choose CoolPiece but I will stay here until my hair grows back, which it won’t. You may be the only straight-up trustworthy hair site on the web. ~ BV

Absolute perfection! Wow… perhaps the most spot-on I’ve ever had. ~ RA

CoolPiece Custom-Made Hairpieces and Wigs. Made to your specifications. 

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CoolPiece Ready-Made Stock Hairpieces. Ready to ship. Many different types. 

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Our Hawaii office will be closed between June 22nd and July 20th. Contact us for a special address if you need to send in a template, color sample or return item. We will be online every day as usual, except when flying, and will be in several different time zones during this period. The China office and the factories will not be pausing. Orders will not be delayed.