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LARGER CONTAINER - Now on sale, just $10 per ounce in this format.

Our famous, favorite, original, unchanged, Oil-Resistant White Glue in a  2 U.S. fluid ounce (or 59 ml)  squeezable dispenser.

Easy to use, bonds for a very long time and cleans up easily upon release. Perfect for oily skin or heavy perspiration. 

In the interests of discretion, and since it is generally harmless, we have an online virtual label for this product. See it at this link. (click here)

Notice: By buying this glue, you are accepting the special terms below.

Winter freeze warning! Please note: This product is completely ruined if it is exposed to freezing temperatures below 32 Fahrenheit / zero Celsius. Our order fulfillment center will ship this when you order it, regardless of weather, so do not order when the weather is very cold. No refunds for ruined glue.