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Stick It! Tape
3/4" X 3" CC-Curve Strips
Quantity 200 Contours

Cost comparison: When buying 200 tapes for $17 you pay 8.5 cents per strip. When buying 36 tapes for $3.75 you pay 10.4 cents per strip.

This is a strong adhesion tape. And it is definitely a no-residue tape!

A no-residue tape that is very clean, with none of that sticky stuff on your forehead after a long and hot attachment.

Tip: If using on low density lace or near an exposed edge, then after the lace is attached, use fingertip or lint free damp towel to remove almost all shine.

The manufacturer says this will hold for as long as you can stand it, until your re-growth pokes right through your hairpiece, until you smell like a hobo. Of course no matter how good an adhesive, we recommend frequent removal for hygiene and health reasons, but at least now you have the option of being as lazy as a full-service-salon client who never takes his own hair off.

We say, in tests this tape has as strong a hold as you would ever need, and is the cleanest in that there is no seepage of sticky residue under sweaty or oily-skin conditions. When it's time to release, isopropyl alcohol easily removes the tape and there seems to be absolutely no trace of any residue left behind on lace or skin, so no adhesive remover is ever needed.