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Sunshine No-Residue Tape (split side to scalp)
3/4" X 3" C-Curve Strips
Quantity 36 Contours

Cost comparison: When buying 200 tapes for $17 you pay 8.5 cents per strip. When buying 36 tapes for $3.75 you pay 10.4 cents per strip.

Medium-shine clear tape with a 5-15 day hold that comes off so cleanly you will want to use it for daily attachment also. The C curve is our single most popular product! Designed for extended wear and no clean up issues.

Gives a strong hold, and is released easily leaving behind no mess whatsoever, either on the hairpiece or on the skin. Plus, with a long-term bond, no sticky stuff ever appears through the lace or on the forehead beyond the hairline, so no dirt has anything sticky to stick to, meaning this product gives you a clean and touchable forehead and hairline on the second day!

It is not 100% ideal, because it has a shine to it that you may see through the lace, but you can knock this shine down with your fingers, and the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Note: the side adjacent to the printed backing is less shiny than the side adjacent to the brown split backing, so if using with a lace front, peel and apply split side to scalp first, then peel the printed side and place lace down onto it.