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Sunshine Tape CC contour 36 count

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Sunshine No-Residue Tape (split side to scalp)
3/4" X 3" CC-Curve Strips
Quantity 36 Contours

This is a fairly strong adhesion tape that leaves no-residue upon removal!

Sunshine is similar to Stick It, but slightly less sticky to make removal a little bit easier.

Tip: If using on low density lace or near an exposed edge, then after the lace is attached, use fingertip or lint free damp towel to remove almost all shine.

The manufacturer says this will hold for weeks.

No matter how good an adhesive, we recommend frequent removal for hygiene and health reasons

No Residue tapes such is this are the cleanest in that there is no seepage of sticky residue under sweaty or oily-skin conditions. When it's time to release, isopropyl alcohol easily removes the tape and there seems to be absolutely no trace of any residue left behind on lace or skin, so no adhesive remover is ever needed.