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White Glue, single bottle

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White Glue, ORWG, (Oil-Resistant White Glue).

half fluid ounce brush-on bottle (approximately 14.79 ml)

Easy to use, bonds for a very long time and cleans up easily upon release. Perfect for oily skin or heavy perspiration. Absolutely the very best hairpiece glue we have ever tested!

Easy! Other glues require long, slow, boring, repetitive procedures. Not this one! No need for multiple coats or two-sided bonds. Just one thin coat on the scalp, wait for white to turn clear, and press down lace with a comb, or poly with the fingers.

  1. Apply to clean dry skin in a cool dry room. Just one very thin coat on your scalp, as thin a coat as you can manage. Dries in under a minute
  2. Put the lace down, and you are done. Full bonding strength develops within an hour.

In the interests of discretion, and since it is generally harmless, we have an online virtual label for this product. See it at this link. (click here)

Legal notice: By buying this glue, you are accepting the terms below.

Winter freeze warning! Please note: This product is completely ruined if it is exposed to freezing temperatures below 32 Fahrenheit / zero Celsius. Our order fulfillment center will ship this if you order it, regardless of weather maps and forecasts which we and they will not review or analyze. If you receive the glue and it is solid and rubbery, and therefore permanently ruined as a result of having become too cold, we will not refund your costs. It is your responsibility to order this product in periods when there is no risk of it freezing, either in the plane, the truck or on your doorstep. We will not monitor national and international weather for you. All orders will be shipped, even if it's sub-zero outside in your area or en route to you via colder areas between California and yourself. This means we could be shipping it towards certain ruination, and we will go ahead and process the shipping of your order if you buy it, so please take responsibility before you purchase. You may have to wait until Spring if you live in the North or at higher altitude. No refunds for ruined glue.

Sorry but we are currently unable to ship any type of glue to Mexico. Customs will not allow it through.