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For a long time we neglected to save feedback but after trawling through email we found enough to post here.

November 30th 2018 B.Z.

great piece...thank you


November 30th 2018 D.S.

.......they turned out FANTASTIC! BEST EVER! PERFECT! So, again, just like my last order from a few months…

Long Hair Prices, June 2018

June 2018.

The cost of human hair in lengths above six inches or fifteen centimeters has greatly increased.

Orders with hair up to six inches will not increase in price, but long hair orders will now be on a price quote basis.

The online order form will not take long hair orders and instead each client needing longer hair will be given a custom quote via email.


GDPR 2018

  • We do not use your data for anything. 
  • We do not ever see your encrypted credit card number. 
  • We do not sell or give away any data. 
  • We do not reveal the identity of any hair-wearer to any other entity. 
  • There is no client list. 
  • Your email is available to us, and no-one else, for the occasional newsletter or bulk email, usually less than once annually. 
  • Your…

Hair Colors

We used to have photographs of stock hair colors on the website, but we found that they looked different on each computer and also they resulted in clients receiving orders that did not match their color expectations.

For this reason we removed all such images. The only way to get a perfect match for your custom order, or a good match for your stock ready-made order, is to send in a hair color…

Am I limited to how short I can cut my hair?

Short hair options with a hairpiece.

All Solutions For Hair-Loss

Alternatives to wearing a CoolPiece. Shaving, buzzing, surgery, makeup, medications etc.

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