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Alternatives to wearing a CoolPiece. Shaving, buzzing, surgery, makeup, medications etc.

Almost everyone who is bald, balding or thinning, formerly had a full head of hair. It may have been when they were 12, or 22, or 32 or 42 years old, but letting go of that memory is very difficult for all of us.

CoolPiece is a hairpiece business and we like to think that our clients can use their CoolPieces to appear as if they never had hair-loss. But we all need to realize that baldness exists somewhere beneath it.

Despite appearances, my own hair is not dark brown, it is silver, and I have almost no growth remaining in my front, top and crown areas. But I appear to have a full head of dark brown hair, and that is my choice. But it is not the only option.

The best way to confront baldness is to accept it. Granted, if everyone did this, I would be out of a job and out of business because no-one would buy a hairpiece! But of course thousands of us prefer to maintain the illusion, and that keeps us very busy here.

So the shave or the buzz-cut are the best and easiest solutions to baldness. You can save the time and expense of coloring, styling and attaching. But, you will be a bald person, and you have to be okay with that. Since you are here, you are probably not ready for that.

Wearing hair, CoolPiece or otherwise, is the next best thing. Yes it takes time and money, but you at least look like you still have all your hair, or better hair than you ever lost in the first place, unless you do a really terrible job of attaching!

The surgery option is brutal. Sometimes the results are convincing, but much more often the finished result still does not make you look like you have all your hair. The pain and expense are one thing, but in many cases the scarring means that you can never shave your head, or have very short hair. It is mutilation.

Medication is the worst solution of all. Most hair-loss sufferers have considered it and many have tried it. There may be two million American males suffering permanent impotence as a result of using the most popular hair-loss drug, and we don’t even know what else might be linked to these drugs. Oh how they wish they could just be bald and hard, but there is no cure.

The last option is cosmetic. Makeup and powder. It fools no-one and makes a huge mess. It is an extreme embarrassment and you cannot be touched by anyone.

So the way I see it is, you can shave/buzz, or wear hair. It depends on whether you want to look like you have hair, or if you are ready to leave your hair days behind.

Assuming you are reading the website because you would, at least for now, rather have hair, then you are in a safe place. Safe because, since the industry began, it has been full of tricks, ripoffs, schemes and customer cruelty. Sellers of hair have a worse reputation than sellers of anything else. So many of our clients have been defrauded in the past that sometimes we feel like a rescue mission. No-one ever lost a cent here and they never will.


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