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Long Hair Prices, June 2018

June 2018.

The cost of human hair in lengths above six inches or fifteen centimeters has greatly increased.

Orders with hair up to six inches will not increase in price, but long hair orders will now be on a price quote basis.

The online order form will not take long hair orders and instead each client needing longer hair will be given a custom quote via email.

Different factories make different base types so the quotes will vary. Our preferred Swiss lace hairpiece factory will be charging quite a lot for long hair so you will be given quotes for more than one option if ordering Swiss.

Most other base types will have a much smaller price increase for long hair.

In some cases the factory will be considering base size, density and hair length in order to set their price quote for your individual order.

Therefore, due to this situation, if you order long hair it may take a day or two to sort out your quote and your invoice and begin production.

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