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Current Delivery Estimates

(Revised January 2018) Time from the day the custom order is placed to the approximate day the order is delivered. 

CoolPiece hairpieces and wigs are hand made by human beings. Sometimes the inspectors have something re-done and delays can occur. The estimates above are just estimates and will probably be somewhat accurate, but we value quality and accuracy over speed and if we have to re-do anything during production then we will, and the wait will be longer. Many orders are finished after much shorter wait times than those predicted above. Some times of year are faster than others.

Chinese Holidays. Our Chinese production will stop on these dates:

Our hairpieces and wigs are still made in Qingdao, China. The workforce in the hair industry there has become much smaller than it was in previous years due to other employment options opening up that are more appealing to the younger workers. Our ventilators are now more mature in years and mostly work from home rather than in big factory rooms. The old dormitory system for young rural workers has been discontinued. Local Chinese workers wages have risen quite a lot. We are working hard to maintain the quality control and timely finishing that we have all come to expect over the years.