Online Hair Replacement Since 2001

Money Back Guarantee

Custom hair replacement orders:

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Any problems will be fixed, and if you think you have a unit that has failed to meet your quality or accuracy expectations, you can have a refund. We never argue about refunds. If you are switching from another vendor and you find that your first CoolPiece has, for example, a different density, we will fix it a.s.a.p. But your money back guarantee is still there for you.

Please see Return Policy page for our terms of sale on ready-made hairpieces and accessories.


If a custom order is made exactly per your specifications, but you have decided in the interim that your preferences have changed, this does not qualify you for a free replacement. We can make changes in the form of a repair order, if they are technically possible, but with the small profit margin we cannot completely replace and remake on a whim due to your change of preference without incurring a sizable loss. However we can offer help for your error of judgement in the form of a reasonable discount on a new one.

If a CoolPiece has been damaged or partially destoyed, or has been ruined with thinning shears, or cut into, or torn up, or dropped in a paint can, or gnawed by a dog, or caught on fire, or anything else rendering it unrepairable, this is something that the buyer has to take responsibility for. But we are open to offering discount on a future purchase under these unfortunate circumstances.