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Please re-visit this page regularly to see what changes.

Revised January 26th 2021

Please visit this page frequently for updates to the current situation in our Chinese manufacturing facility.

AVAILABLE NOW: Stock hairpieces, the looped membrane type.

Currently unavailable:

    • custom orders
    • lace
    • knotted bases
    • oversize and wigs
    • long hair
    • very curly hair

OLD ORDERS: please mail for your update

We wish we had better news, and could say all orders are being finished soon, and any order can be made, but we have to standby until the hairpiece manufacturing industry finds it's new footing. We are deeply sorry that 2020 turned out the way it did for all clients and sellers in this industry but we are definitely staying in business to be ready to serve as we did before the crisis. Follow this page to see any developments.

2021 United Kingdom V.A.T. post-"Brexit". Due to new regulations for non U.K. sellers serving residents of the U.K. we have to end small sales (glue and tapes) to the U.K. The amount of paperwork, banking fees, and filing costs for collecting and re-paying tax on orders under 135 UKP is certainly not worth the trouble. For hair orders, which are clearly more valuable than 135 UKP, we are apparently allowed to pass the V.A.T. burden onto the U.K. buyer, so we just need you to expect to pay 20% tax on your hair purchases. This will not be collected by us at the point of sale, and therefore not later repaid by us to the U.K., and so the buyer is still liable for it. We will try to email every U.K. buyer at time of purchase to make sure you are willing to go through with this upon delivery.

Chinese Holidays still apply. Our Chinese production must pause on these dates:
  • Calendar New Year: Three Days in Early January each year
  • Chinese New Year: A Week in Late January or Early February each year
  • Sweeping Tomb Day: Two Days in Early April each year
  • May Day: Two days in Early May each year
  • Dragon Boat or Lantern Festival: Three days in May or June each year
  • Double Seven and Spirit Days: First weekend in August each year
  • Moon Day: Two Days in Mid-September each year
  • National Day: Seven Days in Early October each year
  • Western Holidays: an unofficial day or two of rest is now taken around Xmas time
finishing 2020 custom lace orders: