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News Updates

News Updates

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2021 December 3rd: NEWS

LACE, MEMBRANE and BELLA hairpieces are in stock now. See the HAIRPIECE STORE menu at the top of the page.
CUSTOM (EXISTING ORDERS): The factories closed for the lockdown in early 2020 and currently show no signs of restarting. Clients still waiting for pre-pandemic custom orders, may choose to: (1) Pay the difference to start a new custom order under today's arrangements, (2) continue to wait and see if the old factory structure restarts one day, (3) cancel and receive refunds, or (4) consider available stock units.
CUSTOM (A NEW START): After a very long time, we now offer custom-made units again. They are not factory-made, and the prices are higher than we used to charge. But they are back. See This Page
TAPE: On sale for much less than their cost price!. See the Reduced Price page. (Only shipping to United States addresses)
GLUE: Our very popular white glue is currently unavailable. There is a problem with the manufacturing and supply. More will probably appear in 2022 but the price may be a bit higher than it used to be. Winter shipping may be blocked to many locations. Follow this news page for updates.

Currently unavailable:

  • pre-pandemic custom orders
  • repairs