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News and updates

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Revised 2021, June 19th.

Our industry is still in disarray from the Coronavirus outbreak in early 2020.

We have ready-made stock MEMBRANE (NG) hairpieces now.

Hopefully LACE stock hairpieces will be available here next month.

Clients still waiting for their old custom orders, may choose to: (1) continue to wait, or (2) cancel and receive refunds, or (3) consider available stock units.

Chinese Holidays. Our Chinese production and shipping must pause on these dates:
  • Calendar New Year: Three Days in Early January each year
  • Chinese New Year: A Week in Late January or Early February each year
  • Sweeping Tomb Day: Two Days in Early April each year
  • May Day: Two to five days in Early May each year
  • Dragon Boat or Lantern Festival: Three days in May or June each year
  • Double Seven and Spirit Days: First weekend in August each year
  • Moon Day: Two Days in Mid-September each year
  • National Day: Seven Days in Early October each year
  • Western Holidays: an unofficial day or two of rest is now taken around Xmas time

Currently unavailable:

  • custom orders
  • lace
  • knotted bases
  • oversize and wigs
  • long hair
  • very curly hair
  • repairs