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Revised 2021, September 17th.

Our industry has still not recovered from the Coronavirus outbreak in early 2020. Most factories never reopened. Workers found other types of work. Even the supply of long Indian hair dried up. We are currently only able to offer the stock membrane and stock lace hairpieces you see in the store today.

On September 16th the California distribution location closed. Sales of tapes and glue are switched off. In a few days all the inventory will arrive in Hawai'i and be combined into large clearance lots and visible for purchase on the Reduced Price page. We will be withdrawing from accessories sales for a while so these larger lots will be great temporary deals for heavy users of adhesives.


Lace units: Mailed from Hawai'i to US addresses. - For destinations outside the U.S. please email for a FedEx quote.

New and different SWISS LACE units with LIGHT density, IN STOCK.

Membrane: Direct shipping from China to you at a low flat rate.

Clients still waiting for their old pre-pandemic unfinished custom orders, may choose to:

  1. continue to wait, or
  2. cancel and receive refunds**, or
  3. consider available stock units.

** both buyer and seller may lose fees and commissions to bank cards, PayPal, foreign exchange rate variance etc.

People have asked if we expect custom ordering to return. We do, but it will most probably not be for at least several months. All of our old factories that we employed prior to March 2020 are not coming back online. We are getting stock units from three sources, all a bit unconventional. When things return to normal, it will be a new normal. Many older base designs and specification preferences may not return.

Chinese Holidays. Our Chinese production and shipping must pause on these dates:
  • Calendar New Year: Three Days in Early January each year
  • Chinese New Year: A Week in Late January or Early February each year
  • Sweeping Tomb Day: Two Days in Early April each year
  • May Day: Two to five days in Early May each year
  • Dragon Boat or Lantern Festival: Three days in May or June each year
  • Double Seven and Spirit Days: First weekend in August each year
  • Moon Day: Two Days in Mid-September each year
  • National Day: Seven Days in Early October each year
  • Western Holidays: an unofficial day or two of rest is now taken around Xmas time

Currently unavailable:

  • custom orders
  • oversize and wigs
  • long hair
  • very curly hair
  • repairs