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Revised 2021, April 15th.

Please visit this page frequently. for updates to the current situation in our Chinese manufacturing facilities. The availability situation is industry-wide and not just limited to CoolPiece. We are of course working on solutions, and hope to have better news soon.

Ready-Made Stock Units are available now, here at CoolPiece in many colors and grays.We are very sorry but custom production of other types of hairpieces and wigs, including lace hairpieces, is not currently possible.
We are not currently accepting new custom orders, because they are not currently being manufactured.Custom orders placed earlier, that feature the knotless polyskin membrane, are being made, but they are taking longer than usual.
Custom orders placed earlier that have not been changed to the membrane type, remain on hold until manufacturing returns to normal.Clients waiting a long time may choose to: (1) continue to wait, or (2) cancel and receive refunds, or (3) consider stock units.

Chinese Holidays still apply. Our Chinese production must pause on these dates:
  • Calendar New Year: Three Days in Early January each year
  • Chinese New Year: A Week in Late January or Early February each year
  • Sweeping Tomb Day: Two Days in Early April each year
  • May Day: Two days in Early May each year
  • Dragon Boat or Lantern Festival: Three days in May or June each year
  • Double Seven and Spirit Days: First weekend in August each year
  • Moon Day: Two Days in Mid-September each year
  • National Day: Seven Days in Early October each year
  • Western Holidays: an unofficial day or two of rest is now taken around Xmas time

Currently unavailable:

  • custom orders
  • lace
  • knotted bases
  • oversize and wigs
  • long hair
  • very curly hair
  • repairs