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Your Privacy

Hair loss can be a very personal thing and many of our clients wear hair and have never told anyone, including close family. We do everything possible to protect your secret, such as ship from odd names that have nothing to do with hair replacement, wigs etc. you merely have to ensure that no-one in your household invades the privacy of your received package, 

But compliance with the law means that you, the client, have to take additional steps to protect your own privacy.

Your credit card statement may reveal a NAICS/ SIC descriptor that may contain the word wig and/or hairpiece and there is nothing we can legally do to alter it. So do not use a shared credit card that you share with someone who does not know, and do not leave your statement where it can be read by others.

Do not leave your email application open and unlocked, and if necessary use a computer password that will keep your family and friends out of your email.

These are things beyond our control but you can easily keep them private on your own behalf.