Online Hair Replacement Since 2001

Return Policy

Accessories (glue,tape, cleaners etc.)

  • Returned accessories are discarded and refunds cannot be given. They are treated like returned medical supplies.
  • We encourage you to try new products at your own risk. What works well for client A may not be so ideal for client B etc.

Ready-Made hairpieces may be returned for a refund of the full purchase price, with the following restrictions:

  • The unit must not have been cut, trimmed to size, dyed, bleached or altered in any way.
  • The unit must be in as-new condition, ready to serve the needs of another client.
  • The unit must not have any trace of tobacco odor.
  • If you smoke when you check it out and package it up for return, we will not consider the unit to be as-new and we will decline to refund. Please understand that non-smokers cannot tolerate smoke odor that you as a smoker may be unable to detect yourself.

Custom CoolPiece orders:

Custom-Made hairpieces may be returned in new condition for a refund of the full purchase price.