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The daily use of adhesives and solvents on the skin has not been officially studied for any long term health risks but it should be known that a small minority of people are sensitive to the chemicals found in various adhesive products and solvents. It is possible that using these products year after year on a daily basis could have some negative effect on any user's health. Until proper scientific studies have been conducted we all use these products at our own risk, and look absolutely fabulous as we do so.


Our adhesives and accessories are made by various American manufacturers. Each is a common solution but a proprietary blend. As such, to publish the specific blend of a particular product would take away that competitive advantage that these few companies struggle with.

However the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for the actual active ingredients are available to anyone, and anyone can study them by using a search engine such as Google to look them up.

For example, the oil resistant white glue contains only acrylic polymer and water. You can find many MSDS for acrylic polymer.  The S4 is a citrus oil solvent in a skin-friendly strength and while these can vary, those used in cosmetics are all practically the same. The adhesive vinyl tape contours are die cut from sheet stock made by 3M.

Clients or resellers requesting MSDS for our adhesives and solvents will be directed to search for the MSDS for the active ingredients as above.