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Shipping Info and Prices

  • The carrier, method, and price of shipping / postage may change from time to time without notice as we strive to find the current best methods.
  • The shopping cart system will display your option or options depending upon what you are buying and where the delivery will be.
  • Glue and tapes are separate from hair, and these ship out of California, so CA residents are charged CA sales tax on accessories orders only.
  • Avoid providing a delivery address that is a location where you consider theft is likely. Consider using your work address or a family member's address for your delivery address if you think that "porch pirates" are stealing in your home area.

2021 United Kingdom V.A.T. post-"Brexit". We have to end small sales (glue and tapes) to the U.K. For hair orders, which are >135 UKP, the V.A.T. burden is passed onto the U.K. buyer, so you will need to pay 20% tax on your hair purchases upon receipt of your order at the delivery address. We will try to email every U.K. buyer at time of purchase to make sure you are willing to go through with this upon delivery.