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Wait Times and News Updates

This page is frequently updated to show all news and expectations.

Revised October 17th 2020

This year, custom orders are taking about five times as long as normal to complete. It used to be approximately five to six weeks, but it is currently 25 to 30 weeks. Most of this time is waiting for knotting workers to become available.Stock units: In light of the current situation, please consider picking up an immediately available stock unit that can meet some or most of your preferred specs. Better to have less than ideal specs than nothing to wear.
We are shipping completed orders without delay the same day we are finishing. Directly from China to client.2020 has changed the hairpiece industry. and affected every store and seller. At CoolPiece we are working our way around obstacles to continue to serve.
Repair work is currently unavailable. Please check back in 2021 for the availability of new repair orders. All workers are assigned to new orders.We thank you for your patience. We will be making a loss on every order placed earlier in 2020, due to much higher costs but we just want to deliver what we have made for you.
The 2020 price increase is directly passed on to the individual person doing your knotting. All the extra goes to that worker.Date Estimates and status reports for individual orders in production are currently not available, even in their final days. All will finish and ship.
We are placing orders on the knotting tables in the order they were received. We sell more each day that we start each day, so we get further behind. This means the longer you delay the longer it will take, Except, we are trying all kinds of things to get more knotting workers so things might improve.

While the current delivery estimates seem horrifically long, it could all change and improve if we manage to open a larger knotting facility to move the waiting orders into. We are trying everything to get this to happen somewhere in the world.

Chinese Holidays still apply. Our Chinese production must pause on these dates:
  • Calendar New Year: Three Days in Early January each year
  • Chinese New Year: A Week in Late January or Early February each year
  • Sweeping Tomb Day: Two Days in Early April each year
  • May Day: Two days in Early May each year
  • Dragon Boat or Lantern Festival: Three days in May or June each year
  • Double Seven and Spirit Days: First weekend in August each year
  • Moon Day: Two Days in Mid-September each year
  • National Day: Seven Days in Early October each year
Your order being knotted in Qingdao China.