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My Personal Completion Date

We really cannot know exactly when an order will be finished. A client may ask, and then we will talk to the factory, and the factory will offer a date, but this will be a date in the future, and in hairpiece production, this is, at best, a reasonable guess. Remember, the hairs go in one at a time, and no-one can predict the future.

Sometimes a unit is ready a week or two before the predicted date, and sometimes it is later. Occasionally it will be ready right on the very date that was predicted, but this is less common. In other words, we don’t really have the ability to say on what future date your order will be ready.

But two things we can be sure of are, 

  1. we never ship an unfinished unit, 
  2. and we never delay the shipment of a finished unit.

The most difficult job in custom hairpiece production is that of the client. He or she has to wait, and waiting is the hardest thing to do.