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Custom Coolpiece

100% CUSTOM ordering is now back! Featuring the best possible quality workmanship, materials and human hair.

Almost nothing is the same as it was before the pandemic shut down every single factory, but in the end, the product is now better than it ever was.

How to order:

We have not switched on the old online custom order form as all the 2020 pricing and options would need extensive and expensive reprogramming, so please email to begin the ordering process and the specs will be discussed via email one-on-one with each client. The Base Material page will be updated to reflect different options as they become available.

Custom Pricing:

Small hairpiece base up to 8 X 10 inches with 6 inch hair $450 USD

Large Hairpiece or full wig with 6 inch hair $650 USD

Surcharges for hair longer than 6 inches (in USD):

Long Hair LengthSmall UnitsLarge Units
6 inchincludedincluded
8 inch+$50+$100
10 inch+$100+$200
12 inch+$150+$300
14 inch+$200+$400
16 inch+$250+$500

As you can see, long hair is very expensive at the moment. The charges in the table above are in addition to the price of the small or large unit with up to 6 inch hair.

For example, A full wig with 12 inch hair is $650 + $300, total $950 USD. A hairpiece with 10 inch hair is $450 + $100, total $550.


  • No "SFS" Super-Fine Swiss Lace is available
  • Maximum possible density is Medium, French lace, monofilament or thin polyskin can support medium density.
  • Longest hair is 16 inch.
  • Tight curls are again available but not on membrane bases. Note: Tighter curls with a chemical perm should not be combed out or brushed through.
  • Some very unique, unconventional or complicated base designs will not be able to be made.
  • We are not offering highlights at this time. You may need to go to a hair salon for highlights.
  • If any aspects of your custom order are not possible we will let you now and give you options.

In the temporary absence of the online order form, gather your specs so we can get your order started. We need:

  • Do we have your template and sample from 2020 or earlier?
  • If not, length, width, hairline shape, or full wig measurements.
  • Base design: which material where? Ask if you don't know!
  • Hair color. Do we have your sample or will you send one, or do you know your stock color?
  • Density, e.g. Light. (Medium is now the most dense option we offer).
  • Curl wavelength: (It needs to be the same all over now).
  • Gray percentage.
  • Hairstyle: e.g. freestyle, back, left part etc.
  • Hair length.
  • Special instructions/notes.