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Stock Bella

The return of the resizable Bella design.

Hand-made by various artisans for CoolPiece in 2021, while all the main factories have continued to stay closed.

More colors and grays will be becoming available over time. Check this page regularly and please follow the news updates page.

Please read the description of all the detailed specifications and check the size etc. that you are buying.

Limited supplies, if you see your color, do not hesitate.

These Bella hairpieces are mailed from Hawai'i to all US States. Low flat rate insured postage charge to US addresses. Please do not add membrane hairpieces to the same shopping cart, because those membranes are not in Hawai'i and have to be sent to you from China with FedEx ($35). To buy one or some of each type, shop separately for each type.

Buyers with delivery addresses outside the US, please email BEFORE YOU BUY and we will reply with a quote for international shipping and alternate payment instructions. We need your full address for an accurate quote. This process may add a day or so, and you will need to regularly monitor your email inbox until complete. Item availability may be lost during the communication period.

Examples: UK $62, Spain $77, Australia city $70, Australia rural $118 (approx)

Bella #1B20 10x8 Medium-Light
Price: $300