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0.03 to 0.04 mm membrane

Price: $250

#56P4 0.03 to 0.04 mm Knotless Polyskin Membrane

This type of hairpiece ships directly from our office in China to you, in almost any country. Select the color and gray that you need via the shopping cart menus.

Your selection of color and gray may be in stock for immediate dispatch, or there may be a delay of a few weeks if that selection is sold out.

An ideal ready-made stock hairpiece, so thin that you never notice the hairline edge. Many say it is less detectable than the best lace base. Hand-made in Qingdao

SIZE: 25cm (9.75") long X 19.6cm (7.75") wide with a typical A hairline contour (can be resized with razor and reshaped along the front edge)

HAIR: <6 inch length, ethically gathered, processed Indian human hair, looped in and back out through the base and secured without any visible knot so that you don't notice any dark dots and yet the shedding is kept under control

DENSITY: Light to medium-light density. CoolPiece calls this "Youth". Due to it being knotless, it can be thinned a little and still look natural

GRAY: Synthetic gray if up to 50% gray. If the gray percentage is 65% or 80%, it will be human gray hair instead

WAVELENGTH: 3.0 cm water wave, can easily be styled straighter or curlier with hair styling products

STYLE: No fixed direction, can be worn in any style

RESIZE: use a template to easily trim a stock unit to size. Just tape it over the template and take a razor to the back and sides from underneath

GUARANTEE: You may return a ready-made unit in new condition for refund after you have examined it. However, once it has been cut, resized, colored, altered or bleached etc. it cannot be returned for refund or credit

Attachment methods:

  1. Use a thin single coat of hairpiece adhesive for best results. Remove the unit frequently for cleaning
  2. Or use the mildest adhesive tape possible and use fabric to reduce the adhesive properties of the side that touches the base.
  3. Or for daily wear, if you are not expecting heavy perspiration, try using GÖT2B® | GLUED® Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel (black tube) instead of glue and tape!
  4. Let us know of you find any other methods.
  • This website shows photos of most of the colors
  • Key: e.g. #220 = #2 with 20% gray.
  • If you see an H it means human gray. Generally 65% and 80% gray use human gray, and 50% gray and below use synthetic gray.