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Cheaper than CoolPiece?

Question: What is the difference between a $250 CoolPiece and a $175 cheap online hairpiece from another seemingly legitimate website? 

Answer: The lower priced unit is not made to the same high CoolPiece standards. 

There are levels of quality and these vary from factory to factory. CoolPiece has always provided the best possible quality at a very reasonable price, but some other hairpiece websites sell the lower quality at bargain basement prices. These lower tier units are intended for "emerging markets" around the world and are not held to the same exacting standards. We can also supply these less fantastic versions of many of our designs and the prices are low. Bear in mind though that they don't last as long, are never as nice, and in the long run you replace them quicker and so they may cost the same or more over time.

If you want to try these lower quality items, contact us for a quote and for terms. We will not call them CoolPieces, but you don't have to go elsewhere if this is really what you want.