Online Hair Replacement Since 2001


  • Our human hair is processed, and reacts differently to dye and bleach than hair growing from your scalp.
  • Dyes used in manufacture are vegetable based dyes from India and they work in a different way.
  • Dyeing your hair darker is easy but your processing times should be divided by three. The original texture of the hair will be lost so it is a last resort to increase the lifespan of your old unit.
  • It is nearly impossible to lift the hair color from darker to lighter, so salon highlighting may be a waste of your money.
  • Highlights specified in your order are one color from knot to tip and therefore look different from bleached-in salon highlights
  • Any bleaching or dyeing will adversely affect the hair texture to some degree.
  • 60RY arrives yellowish and needs to have a toner applied.

Notes and tips:

  • Our human hair is real and therefore older units that have been used in the sunshine may eventually need coloring.
  • We recommend wearing a hat when going into bright sunlight for a long time.
  • Synthetic hair never fades and is unaffected by dye or bleach.
  • Generally, recoloring using a color that is one shade lighter will yield the perfect match for the hairpiece hair.
  • If the hair has reddened, choose an ash color dye.
  • Keep dye off the knots and base if recoloring
  • Hairpiece hair takes color fast, Usually 10 minutes is enough.
  • Use professional color cream in tubes mixed 1:1 with 20% cream developer. This way you can mix a small quantity and avoid waste.
  • Avoid messy liquid dyes.
  • Use a non-metallic bowl, a nylon brush designed for hair dye application, a plastic or rubber comb, disposable gloves. Buy all at the beauty supply store.
  • Just brush the gel-like dye mixture onto your comb and then use the comb to direct the dye through the hair. Keep the dye away from the knots, the base, the lace and especially any polyurethane areas. You can also prevent the knots from being dyed by rubbing petroleum jelly or some alternative through the base from beneath before you start to dye the unit. It will coat the knots and the base of each hair and stop the dye from getting to this part.
  • Expert salon method: "I generally like to pin the dry unit to a Styrofoam head, hold it upside down, and apply the dye by combing it in, keeping the comb, and the dye, off the knots. I simply hold the Styrofoam head in one hand, upside down, and comb in the dye with the other. When I rinse, I rinse through the lace from the bottom. Keep the dye mixture available while it's darkening so if you see any bit you missed you have a second chance. Make a few partings or sections so you get in as low as you dare in all areas".