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Curl and Wave

Seems simple, but it is not. Please read the following information about curl and wave.

  • Natural Indian hair is slightly wavy, but you can have very straight hair or very curly hair and anything in between.
  • The tighter perms do certainly adversely affect the silky quality of the hair. It is unavoidable due to chemistry.

The wavelength below is shown in centimeters. 1.0 cm is sometimes shown as 10 mm.

Wavelength or curl size is a literal measurement of a wet curl. if you have hair with some length and wet a section, you can measure your natural wavelength. If not just remember 1 cm really is 1 cm.

Wavelengths of 2.5 cm and longer are achieved with a water-based perm and wavelengths or 2.2 cm and shorter are achieved with a chemical perm. Chemically permed hairpieces should never be brushed or combed. Condition deeply and lift with a pick if necessary, but brushing permed hair will make it frizzy hair.

The hairpiece factory does not perm hair. These days it already comes in set wavelengths from the supplier. This means that we offer curl right down to the base. For looped membrane type bases, very curly hair is not offered as the technique becomes impossibly difficult.

Here is the list of standard perm-rod sizes. The descriptive names beside each (eg. light curl, very wavy) are not standardized and for visualization only:

The following wavelengths are provided as chemically permed hair. This hair should never be brushed or combed out or it will be permanently frizzy. You cannot order these wavelengths on membrane type bases.

  • Tight Afro 0.2cm (custom tool) Do not brush out
  • Afro 0.4cm (yellow rod) Do not brush out
  • Loose Afro 0.5 to 0.6cm (red rod) Do not brush out
  • Tightest Curl 0.8cm (blue rod) Do not brush out
  • Tight Curl 1.0cm (pink rod) Do not brush out
  • Very Curly 1.2cm to 1.3cm (gray rod) Do not brush out
  • Curly 1.5cm (white rod) Do not brush out
  • Loose Curl 1.8cm (lavender rod) Do not brush out
  • Light Curl 2.2cm (purple rod) Do not brush out

The following wavelengths are provided as "water-permed" hair.

  • Very Wavy 2.5cm (orange rod) Water perm
  • Wavy 3.0cm (green rod) Water perm
  • Light Wave 3.2cm (custom tool) Water perm
  • Body Wave 3.8cm (custom tool) Water perm
  • Straight 5cm (Natural Indian hair averages 5cm wave without treatment)
  • Chinese hair and synthetic hair can be ordered with zero curl.
  • It is human hair, so you can style out the curl to some extent, or reactivate it with water or a styling product. Once again, it's human hair so it behaves like the hair that grows, or used to grow, from your head. Like any perm, it may relax over time if brushed too much or blow dried.
  • Donor hair is fairly straight. The permanent wave process may not be entirely permanent. Even synthetic hair, which is curled with dry steam, will relax to a straighter form over time at approximately the same rate as human hair. The same care procedures will prolong this curl also.
  • If the curl is, for example 1.0cm (one centimeter), then it means that if the hair is long enough to form a circle when it is wet, the circle will have a 1 centimeter diameter. The curl choices represent the diameter of a wet curl.