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Note: Density is not exact. Each hand-made unit will vary a little and be slightly more or slightly less dense.

We abandoned non-standardized, "percentages" years ago because they caught people by surprise if they shopped at different stores. Here are descriptions of densities:

-XLExtra-LightSenior density. Shows scalp. Will expose tapes if lace.
MATUREXL-LExtra-Light to LightLess transparency than XL.
NORMALLLightRealistic good full coverage. Perfect for most men with hair loss.
YOUTH/WOMANL-LMLight to Medium-LightScalp fully hidden. Full dense coverage in all situations. Top seller.
-LMMedium-LightToo heavy for most men. Natural look for women and children.
-LM-MMedium-Light to MediumFar too heavy on most men. Okay for women and children.

Requests for density higher than the above may not be accepted by the factory

NORMAL (or Mature or Youth/Woman) are the only three sensible choices.

We manufacture crowns, parts and hairlines correctly so that so you do not need to order different density in different areas on your unit.

  • Requests for different density in different zones of the hairpiece are not able to be accepted.
  • Density can vary a bit up or down. Hand-made human-made, hairpieces and wigs always vary a little.
  • We can advise on density based on a clear photo of you or a model.

  • The thin knotless polyskin membranes have a maximum density of medium-light.
  • SFS-lace has a maximum density of XL-L "Mature".