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Note: Density is not exact. Each hand-made unit will vary a little and be slightly more or slightly less dense.

For custom orders (currently not being made)

-XLExtra-LightSenior density. Shows scalp. Will expose tapes if lace.
MATUREXL-LExtra-Light to LightLess transparency than XL.
NORMALLLightRealistic good full coverage. Perfect for most men with hair loss.
YOUTH/WOMANL-LMLight to Medium-LightScalp fully hidden. Full dense coverage in all situations. Top seller.
-LMMedium-LightToo heavy for most men. Natural look for women and children.
-LM-MMedium-Light to MediumFar too heavy on most men. Okay for women and children.

Requests for density higher than the above may not be accepted by the factory

MATURE, NORMAL & YOUTH/WOMAN are the only three sensible choices.

  • We no longer offer different density in different head zones. (Custom ordering)
  • Density can vary a bit up or down. Hand-made human-made, hairpieces and wigs always vary a little.
  • We can advise on density based on a clear photo of you or a model. (Custom ordering)

  • The thin knotless polyskin membranes have a maximum density of medium-light. (Custom ordering)
  • The lightest SFS-lace has a maximum density of XL-L "Mature". (Currently not available)

About density and base materials:

  • SFS or Super Fine Swiss lace is currently unavailable. This material had a maximum density of XL-L, or just under light. Beyond that, unsightly double knots would be required, making it more detectable than regular Swiss lace.
  • Swiss lace is best for density up to LM (medium-light) and no higher.
  • French lace is better for density higher than LM (medium-light).
  • NG Membrane is best for density up to LM (medium-light). It is formed from liquid for every hairpiece and it is made thinner when the density is lower. NG can be much thicker when it is supporting medium-light density than when it only has to support extra-light density.