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Note: Density is not exact. Each hand-made unit will vary a little and be slightly more or slightly less dense.

We abandoned those confusing non-standardized, so-called "percentages" years ago. Here are descriptions of densities:

Density Comments
XL Extra-Light Very realistic , shows scalp, but will expose tapes. Glue attachment recommended.
XL-L Extra-Light to Light A good choice for a bit less transparency than XL. If cut very short it can expose tapes.
L Light Still realistic but with good full coverage. Perfect for 90% of men with hair loss. When in doubt, get LIGHT!
L-LM Light to Medium-Light Starting to lose any glimpse of scalp.
LM Medium-Light Oddly, this is the density of most stock units. Despite that, it is a bit too much for most men. Good natural level for ladies.
LM-M Medium-Light to Medium Looks unnaturally heavy on most men. Okay for ladies.
M Medium Maximum human density. Okay only for some young women or for very young men with very short haircuts. Additional charge.
M-MH Medium to Medium-Heavy No longer available
MH Medium-Heavy No longer available
MH-H Medium-Heavy to Heavy No longer available
H Heavy No longer available

LIGHT IS RIGHT! Light density is right for most male wearers.

We manufacture crowns, parts and hairlines correctly so that so you do not need to order different density in different areas on your unit.

  • Tip Number One: We recommend one same density all over.
  • The zones: Front, Temples, Top, Sides, Crown, Back, refer to parts of the head, or parts of a full wig. In most cases, smaller hairpieces only have three of these zones with perhaps a tiny bit of temples and back.
  • Again, we very strongly recommend one density all over. It will please you more than any more-complicated concept.
  • Density can vary a bit up or down. Hand-made human-made, hairpieces and wigs always vary a little.
  • We can advise on density based on a clear photo of you or a model.
  • IMPORTANT: For density below medium-light it is best to choose all one-material such as all-lace to avoid the mixed materials being visible through the hair in any situation.

Ideal densities for various base designs can be seen on the base design info page.