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Glue Label

GLUE: Oil Resistant White Glue, Bottle size: (various)

This web page is a virtual, online, product label, for the purpose of discretion, due to the personal, and often secretive, nature of hair-loss.


Ingredients: Acrylic Polymer and water, when wet. Contains no water when dry. Non-Toxic.Clean up glue with soap and water when still wet/uncured. Use skin-safe solvent when dry.
Intended Use: Designed for the attachment of polyester lace, or polyurethane skin, hairpiece bases, to bare skin.Other uses: General adhesive for porous or non-porous materials
Use on clean, dry, non-oily, bare, scalp, in temperatures over 60 F / 15 C. Best results if applied in lower humidityProduct in it's uncured form (in bottle) is irreversibly ruined if exposed to freezing temperatures 0 C or below
APPLICATION: Apply one single coat, as thin as possible, to the scalp. Wait for white color to turn to clear as it dries, press lace down with teeth of comb. Full strength develops over the next hour.Note: Additional coats or thicker coats will reduce effectiveness. Apply with fingertip, spreading thinly, and then wash finger before glue dries. Close cap fully.
To remove the hairpiece, release bond with isopropyl alcohol.MADE IN USA. Manufacturer and exact formula are confidential. MSDS same as for any white glue.