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Quick and easy self hairpiece pompadour haircut!

  1. Cut your real-growing side and back hair short with clippers and guards. Taper to #1 if you like at the bottom but leave at least #4 length near the top. Do this with dry hair.
  2. Attach new hairpiece to Styrofoam head with wig T-pins.
  3. Wet and then towel dry the hair.
  4. Hold the Styro-head upside down and shake the hair down.
  5. With shears (scissors) in your dominant hand, cut down the length, leaving the front longer. Hair falls to floor.
  6. After attaching the new unit (dry hair), take the side and back edges down a bit with clippers and a guard that is one level longer than the top of your taper.

This will not rival a $200 hairpiece cut-in (actually it probably will!) but it costs nothing. and it takes ten minutes.

How short can I cut my hair?


This will depend on your natural hair's density. Assuming you have a hairpiece and your own hair at the back and sides, then if your real hair's density is light-to-medium or higher, you may be able to cut your own hair down to a #3 clipper comb, or 3/8". If your real hair is light density you should not go below a #4 clipper comb or 1/2". If your real hair is cut too short with insufficient density then there will probably be some kind of visible line where the hairpiece hair overlaps.

For the hairpiece hair, you need that hair to be a certain length to hide the base it is attached to. An inch is usually about as short as you should go.

In general blending in a hairpiece benefits from an inch on the unit and 1/2" on the head or it's just too difficult to hide the transition.


For full wig, until a better type of base in invented, you can forget about ultra-short fades. You usually need an inch or so to disguise the fact that it is a wig. The lower the density, the more length must remain to maintain the illusion. With heavier densities you may be able to get away with 1/2" or even 3/8" on a thin poly material.

Hair Stylists and Barbers.

We had a short list of salons and stylists listed in this position on the site for years but it was always going out of date so we no longer list service providers. We encourage you to manage your template-making and ordering by yourself. Any very good normal stylist can cut in your hairpiece.