Online Hair Replacement Since 2001


  • Hair-Replacement specialist barbers and stylists can charge a great deal of money, but any barber or stylist can do it.
  • Most clients take care of the cut-in themselves after they receive their order, but there is nothing quite like the services of a great stylist to make you look your best. Haircut tips are listed here.
  • No need to expose yourself, Visit the salon with the new unit properly attached. Tell the stylist what they are looking at.
  • Many clients self-cut at home with with clippers, guides and mirrors, or with shears directed at a unit pinned to an upside-down mannequin head. We highly recommend you spend a couple of hours researching on YouTube to see how you can avoid going out for that haircut altogether.
  • Try to leave an extra couple of millimeters length because you can revive the texture and feel of an older unit by giving it a new haircut after a few months of wear. This tip alone can stretch the lifespan of an old piece by months.
  • Avoid using thinning shears. These leave behind the original number of knots and hundreds of short stubby hairs. If you use these, you are ordering far too much density.
  • Due to the fact that the hairs of a hairpiece are not emerging at an angle from follicles in your scalp, short buzz cuts tend to result in spiky hair that won't lay flat. You need a bit of length to make the hair behave naturally.

If you want to try going it alone, AT YOUR OWN RISK, some things that are good to have at home include:

  • The best clippers you can afford, and a full set of guard combs.
  • A good pair of haircutting shears
  • A comb, light colored if your hair is dark, or black if you are blond or gray.
  • a three-way mirror, or just a hand mirror and a wall mirror.
  • a man-size mannequin head and a clamp stand, plus wig T pins, for comfortably cutting a unit you don't have on your head.
  • a vacuum cleaner


For full wig, until a better type of base in invented, you can forget about ultra-short fades. You usually need an inch or so to disguise the fact that it is a wig.