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How to care for your CoolPiece

You cannot assault your hairpiece with hot water and dish soap and expect it to survive. Getting the most from your CoolPiece requires the wearer to exercise gentle care and maintenance. Here are some tips to help you save hundreds of dollars every year:

Release the unit with an isopropyl alcohol lace release, and then wash it while you are not wearing it. The same shower that cleans your face and body is probably too hot for the hairpiece.

Washing while not wearing will enable you to use very cool or cold water and a very mild high quality shampoo. This will prevent the stripping away of oils from the hair and help to make it last longer. But when you need to really clean dirty hair, choose a high quality shampoo with a good reputation. 

With a porous base, such as lace, try to have the water flow from bottom to top in order to reduce “wash-through”, a situation where hair comes through the base and tickles the scalp.

Don’t obsess over the lightest bleached knots in the world and be tempted to bleach them further or to get your salon to do it. We bleach knots to a conservatively safe maximum level and trying to make them lighter often results in yellow lace, rapidly shedding hair and the death of a good unit. Knots are not supposed to be invisible because that is impossible. They can support the illusion at a certain distance so know what the limitations of this illusion are and don’t examine under a lens and expect to see a hair root in a scalp.

Do use a high quality conditioner, both the after-shampoo rinse-out kind and the leave in kind. You should not soak the knots in conditioner but the hair really needs it. 

Feed the hair with Argan oil or a similar product so that it does not dry out and begin to break and shed.

Never try to remove tape from lace without thoroughly releasing the adhesive with lace release or isopropyl alcohol first. You should see no hair on the tape when you remove it.

If the base is NG membrane, use adhesive remover to gently soak in to release any glue or tape from it. Be constantly aware of the tearing risk when you are cleaning and maintaining NG. We recommend that you do not use tape with NG.

If your city tap water is highly chlorinated, consider using bottled or filtered water for the care of the CoolPiece.

Do not use a hot-air blow dryer except for a restorative oil infusion. Processed hairpiece hair should dry quickly at room temperature unless it is very dense and long. Adding a dab of Argan oil to damp hair makes it dry quicker.

Do not use ceramic or metal hot tools.

Do not try to forcibly comb out tangles. Start at the ends and brush a little further down with each stroke.

Get a satin pillowcase to reduce frictional wear on the hair while you are asleep.

Extreme Rescues:

Sometimes something catastropic can happen to a unit when your next one is still being made in the factory, or has not even been ordered. Or you may just realise one day that your current unit is worn out in some way and you have no backup.

Frayed lace: If you suddenly see yourself in a mirror with the sun hitting your hairline and there is an uneven frayed mess of polyester not in contact with your skin, you may have frayed lace. This can usually be rescued and see you through until your new unit is available. With good lighting, a black background and your best eyewear, carefully trim off the frayed lace edge with sharp scissors and create a new hairline. It will not be as nice as the original edge but it will not catch the light like the frayed polyester.

Torn membrane: Until you get your next unit or have a factory repair, use strong single-sided adhesive tape to bind the two sides of the tear together and prevent it from spreading and becoming a split-in-two unit.

Distressed human hair: If you have been a bit careless with harsh shampoo, sunshine, chlorinated swimming pools or general abrasion and your hair feels dry and rough, use a keratin or silicone conditioning treatment and hot water to deeply moisturize the hair and then cold rinse it to close the cuticle layer back down. This will smooth it out until you can get your next new unit into service.