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How to make a template (mold)

The key to ordering your own hairpiece

Important: If you simply trace the perimeter of a hairpiece onto paper or flat plastic, the resulting oval may be around a third smaller than the hairpiece size you need. It does not account for all the distance around the top! Templates that are flat like a window pane will be assumed to be useless because we know there is no human head like that.

Including a template with your order is the best way to ensure that your new hairpiece will be an accurate fit. Hairpieces of identical length and width can vary so much in shape, that they may not fit your head even if their dimensions match the area of coverage you require!

If another person can know about your hair loss, ask for help. An assistant's extra pair of hands will really make this a lot easier.

Items required:

Making the Template

Draw your new hairline on your skin from temple to temple using a grease pencil or washable felt marker. If you will be using tape at the front of your new piece, use the same shape tape as a stencil for this line. Don't be a wolf man, the center front of your hairline is at least three fingers above the eyebrows when your brow is furrowed (eyebrows raised.)

 making a template 1

making a template 2

making a template 3

making a template 4

making a template 5

Temple pairs: 

The factory charges one price for any size up to 10" X 8". This is one reason why we ask for a template to be made a certain way for temple pairs. The other reason is that a small triangular template can be in any of three directions, or six if it's flipped. Therefore the way to do this is to make a bridge template, and we can cut off the bridge later.

Using a cosmetic pencil or washable marker on your skin, draw in your area of coverage at each temple and connect them with a thin stripe (the bridge) a few millimeters wide. Make the template to that shape and cut it out, and mark the front edge with an F. Mark your left with an L and your right with an R and write the word top on the hair side.

Sending it in:

This type of template can be folded flat and sent in a flat envelope. This always gets it here safely. Leaving it large and three dimensional and sending it in a bigger box increases the chance of loss. In some cases empty boxes have been received. There is no need for a box, and padding etc. Fold it flat please.