Online Hair Replacement Since 2001


Sorry, we cannot accept any repair orders until the industry normalizes post-pandemic. Keep them aside for one day in the future!


  • Repairs to a hairpiece up to 8" wide X 10" long are priced at a flat rate of $90, regardless of how much or how little work is required.
  • Repairs to an oversized hairpiece or wig are priced at a flat rate of $120, regardless of how much or how little work is required.
  • There is an additional charge for longer hair, matching the long hair surcharge for a new unit the same size/hair length as the repair unit. We will offer the exact quote and a form for payment once we verify the repair is acceptable by our factory.

AVAILABILITY (currently unavailable!)

  • Due to a shortage of labor, repair work is not always available. Please check with us before sending anything.
  • Update 2020. The acceptance of repair orders has been suspended as we focus on keeping up with new orders following the Coronavirus situation.
  • Some repair orders are declined by the factory. If the labor hours are too many, they will decline, and a new unit purchase is your only option.
  • Coloring is not a service we can provide. Your stylist will have to recolor your sun-faded hair, or you can do it at home.


  • Wash and dry your item before you send it in for repair.
  • Items sent for repair or duplication must be extremely clean, glue-free and completely dry. No tobacco smoke odor!
  • Dirty, sticky or bad-smelling units will not be evaluated for repair.
  • Such units will be returned untouched, or in the case of International addresses we will invoice you for return shipping of the unqualifying unit
  • Again, clean, dry, adhesive-free items only! No exceptions.


  • If a new unit seems to be different than specified, corrective repair is free. Please contact us when the unit is still new.
  • If a unit was delivered long ago and has been used, any such corrective repair cannot be free.
  • If a unit has been altered or added to by another vendor or by a hair-replacement salon or hair-replacement stylist, or by yourself, no corrective repair can be free.