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Resizing a Ready-Made

Stock units cannot be returned if they have been resized.

Method One:

Simply measure the length and width of your area to be covered. The length is from where you want your hairline, to the back where your growing hair remains. The width is above the ears, across the top, from the borders of your real hair.

If the stock hairpiece is longer or wider, or both, use hairpiece tapes to mark out a smaller footprint to match your measurements. Make it a bit bigger because you can always repeat to make it smaller. At the front, place the tape behind any empty lace or excess membrane that you want to trim away and then measure from there.The advantage to this method is your tapes will always be perfectly aligned along the edge. Use a sharp razor blade to go along the guideline formed by the outside edge of your tapes.

Method Two:

If you have a template, attach the stock unit over the top with tape, aligning the front edge, Then use a razor blade or scalpel to reduce the size around the sides and back, from underneath. Not using scissors means you cannot accidentally cut the edge hairs short. Or measure the length and width and attach tapes to the bottom to make a cutting edge guide.

If you happen to still have a universal shipping mold, while it is not your own head curvature, you can trim one to make an excellent resizing template, that is more rigid than a tape template.

To resize you will need:

  • A tape measure, or...
    • Your template or a trimmed universal shipping mold.
  • Hairpiece tape.
  • Scalpel or razor blade.

To make a template see this page.