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Resizing a Ready-Made

Cutting a CoolPiece ready-made stock hairpiece down to your exact size is done by you, the client. CoolPiece supplies the ready-made stock as-is.

All stock units are 9.75 inches long by 7.75 inches wide with an A shaped hairline.

Resizing also means the unit cannot be returned to us, so check your color, density etc. before you resize. That way if you find you have made a mistake with color, density, gray or curl you can get a full purchase price refund upon return of the unit.

If you have a template, attach the stock unit over the top with tape, aligning the front edge, Then use a razor blade or scalpel to reduce the size around the sides and back, from underneath. Not using scissors means you cannot accidentally cut the edge hairs short.

See the page "Making a Template" for instructions on making your own. 

To resize you will need:

To make a template you will need:

see our instructional info page for details