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How to send in a template

Please note that we currently only offer stock hairpieces and so we do not accept new templates for custom manufacturing.

Send it flat and folded in an envelope!

Fold it flat into quarters and put it in a flat envelope. A couple of stamps and regular mail will usually get it here just as quick as expensive Express Mail.

The template, once unfolded, will definitely still accurately represent your head shape. Don't worry about folding it. Again, no need for a big box. Boxes have arrived split open and empty, but envelopes always make it intact.

Not in the USA? Again, a flat envelope is better and less expensive to mail or ship in.

Types of mail or shipping requiring a signature can be delayed for several days if we miss the moment of delivery for any reason, so regular mail without any signature requirement is your best bet. No signature needed!

Send to our current receiving address which is shown in the contact us menu on this website.

Trivia: This is one of three pages on the entire CoolPiece website where the color red can be spotted. Can you find the other two?