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NEWS: 2022 May 21st.

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New: best ever quality Swiss lace STOCK hairpiece

All colors and grays will be available soon. Several in stock now. $300

CUSTOM ORDERS: Get Exactly What You Want

Almost anything is available again. See the custom page for details. $450* (*extra for long hair or large size)

NG Membrane, the thinnest poly base.

All stock colors and grays ready to ship today directly from China to your address. $250

Swiss Lace Stock Clearance Sale!

See the SALE page for this half-price deal. Only a few left! $150

Date Estimates for Custom Orders

We cannot give individual order dates. (Production/delivery date requests/estimates). It should be roughly 5 weeks to 8 weeks.

Currently Unavailable:

Repairs | Tape | Glue

About CoolPiece in 2022.

CoolPiece opened in 2001, as an alternative to walk-in hair replacement salons. After more than 20 years we still continue to try our best to provide the best quality, with happy workers, ethically sourced Indian hair and good customer service.

In 2016, CoolPiece moved from Los Angeles to O'ahu, Hawai'i, and it did not really affect the storefront much, but the 2020 pandemic changed everything. We wound down and closed the tape and glue store, and tried all kinds of things to get hair manufacturing restarted after every pre-2020 factory closed down.

Now in 2022 we have a really great small factory in Qingdao, China, and also some of the hand-knotting work is done to the highest standards in a new small facility in Cambodia. Finished orders are direct-shipped to each client via discounted FedEx from China, following finishing and inspection.

Our focus in 2022 is to build inventory of our own in-house ready-made stock Swiss lace hairpieces, while continuing to make our hand-made bespoke custom orders.