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#150 Light Swiss robust polyester lace
Price: $230
#200 Light French resilient polyester lace
Price: $230
#300 Ultra-thin polyskin
Price: $220
#400 Thin Polyskin
Price: $220
#500 Lace with skin back and sides
Price: $230
#710 Monofilament center with polyskin perimeter
Price: $250
#720 Monofilament center with tough polyurethane perimeter
Price: $180
#730 Ultra-Strong Skin
Price: $180
#740 Traditional lace front adjustable
Price: $180
#910 Injected polyskin with European hair
Price: $295
Virgins V710 V730 V500 V750
#V710 #V730 #V500 #V750
Price: $270

Ready-Made Stock Hairpieces, all finished and ready immediately, on the shelves, in our China office. 

Please note, April 2019, all models renamed. International customers can usually expect direct FedEx delivery in 2 to 3 business days at a low flat shipping rate.
United States customers will usually receive in 3 to 10 days after ordering, depending on when our last large carton left China for distribution via low cost UPS 3-Day Select out of California. However If you have a more urgent need, email us and then if you happen to have just missed a carton shipment, we can offer to drop ship to you from China and your wait will just be 2 to 3 business days.

Please note, Color #1 jet black does not respond to knot bleaching. If you have black hair and are choosing a lace base such as 150, 200 or 500, we suggest you get a lighter color and have the hair dyed black afterwards.
SKUModelDensity WavelengthLengthWidthHairlineCategory
150Light Swiss robust polyester laceBetween light and medium-light3 cm wavelength25 cm (9.75")19.6 cm (7.75")CCCutting Edge
200Light French resilient polyester laceMedium-light3 cm wavelength25 cm (9.75")19.6 cm (7.75")CCCutting Edge
710Monofilament Center with skin perimeterBetween medium-light and medium5 cm straight25.4cm (10")20cm (8")CCTraditional
500Lace with skin back and sidesMedium-light3 cm wavelength25 cm (9.75")19.6 cm (7.75")CCCutting Edge
720Monofilament Center with tough poly perimeterMedium3 cm wavelength25.4cm (10")20cm (8")CCTraditional
910Injected polyskin with European hairMedium-light to Medium5 cm natural straight22.8 cm (9")17.7 cm (7")CCTraditional
400Thin PolyskinMedium-light2.8 cm wavelength25 cm (9.75")19.6 cm (7.75")CCCutting Edge
300Ultra-thin polyskin, knotlessBetween light and medium-light3 cm wavelength25 cm (9.75")19.6 cm (7.75")CCCutting Edge
730Ultra strong skinMedium3 cm wavelength25.4cm (10")20cm (8")CCTraditional
740Traditional lace front adjustableMedium3 cm wavelength25.4cm (10")20cm (8")CCTraditional
V710Monofilament Center with skin perimeter and virgin hairBetween medium-light and medium5 cm straight25.4cm (10")20cm (8")CCTraditional
V730Ultra strong skin and virgin hairMedium3 cm wavelength25.4cm (10")20cm (8")CCTraditional
V500Lace with skin back and sides and virgin hairMedium-light3 cm wavelength25 cm (9.75")19.6 cm (7.75")CCCutting Edge
V750Super-fine welded monofilament with virgin hairLight3 cm wavelength25.4cm (10")20cm (8")CCTraditional