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Euro Injection - Ready Made

Price: $295

Delivery in about a week. Limited colors available.

Euro Injection

We have a few Euro-Injection units in stock almost all of the time. Contact us to check on availability or wait for us to respond to your purchase. Note, these units have fixed hairstyle/direction, which is center crown. 

There are several hair colors, but of course you can have your salon change the color. Some of the colors also have gray variations. For example 110 is color 1, jet black, with 10% gray, and color 420 is color 4, with 20% gray.

The base is injected polyskin, made as thinly as possible while still able to support an injected hair. No knots! Viewed from the top down, injected bases offer stunning realism, however due to the increased thickness, the hairline invisibility cannot rival that of something like NG.

Tip: use a template to easily trim a stock unit to size. Just tape it over the template and take a razor to the back and sides from underneath.

Guarantee terms: You may return a ready-made unit in new condition for refund after you have examined it. Once it has been cut, resized, colored, altered or bleached etc. it cannot be returned for refund or credit.