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Virgins - Ready Made

Price: $270

Subject to varying availability.


We have a few Virgin units in stock almost all of the time. If you purchase one that is temporarily unavailable we will email you a.s.a.p. with all options..

The four in-stock designs that are made with virgin hair are either:

Apollo (back is shown)Skin (back is shown)Unique (back is shown)Balla (back is shown)

Please read this entire page carefully.

See the pages about Apollo, Skin and Bella units for the general base-material specifications (not the hair specs). Please note that for Virgins, the hair used is Fine Indian Virgin Remy Hair. This hair is cut from the donor and gathered in an intact ponytail. It is raw unprocessed hair and the cuticle layer is fully intact. A few colors are available via sorting, not via dyeing, bleaching etc. You can easily bleach it, dye it, color it, perm it etc. The donor is paid a sum that they feel was worth the growing-time. The hair is not taken from temple donations and therefore does not violate kosher laws, should you happen to be subject to such rules. Colors are as listed in shopping cart menu. 

The fourth option for Virgin units, the Unique design, is made from all super-fine welded monofilament and the density is light.

Tip: use a template to easily trim a stock unit to size. Just tape it over the template and take a razor to the back and sides from underneath.

Guarantee terms: You may return a ready-made unit in new condition for refund after you have examined it. Once it has been cut, resized, colored, altered or bleached etc. it cannot be returned for refund or credit.